Tuesday, August 19, 2008

How do I know I am loved?

My dear friend Tami came over today and helped me rearrange the girls' rooms. In light of the fact that Mikaela is moving out this weekend I am not one to waste space. Now, Ruby gets her own room to share with the baby and Taylor gets her own room to share with the abundance of craft supplies.
In addition to helping move the bunk beds and the crib and all of Mikaela's stuff she sat patiently with all of my miscellaneous puzzle pieces and tried to find the matching puzzles!!!! What a great friend. She came with dinner for me to put in the crock pot, meat that was on sale for me to batch cook and good friends for Ian and Ruby to play with.

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Tami Simpson said...

Happy to do so MY WONDERFUL FRIEND. Thanks for pushing me the exta mile by not only organizing but mopping my laundry/mudroom floor!