Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Open House

I usually try to avoid gross details but I am feeling sorry for myself so I am not going to edit--The following is not for the faint of heart.
Mind you I am pregnant and not feeling good, kinda a constant state of nausea. We had an open house on Sunday so I spent the weekend cleaning up for it. Well we were supposed to attend a wedding in Port Ludlow on Saturday so after getting Sean and Aaron ready for the backyard ballistic camp I got the rest of us packed up and ready to leave Saturday morning for the wedding. After the kids went to bed I cleaned and cleaned so the house would look and smell good. I went to bed about 12:00am and not long after Taylor got up throwing up, she did not make it to the toilet but succeeded in getting most of the carpet in the hall then finishing the job in the bathroom sink. I cleaned that up and went to bed the Ruby got up with diarreah and I had to bathe her, change her crib sheets, and get whatever fell out of her diaper on the way to the bathroom cleaned up from the hall. Finally some sleep!!
We opted out of the wedding and stayed home only to make a mess of everything that was previously clean. The girls were still mostly sick and poor potty trained Ruby couldn't help it but I noticed several places (Erik's comforter, Ian's fort part of his bed and the carpet --again) where the diaper leaked and I had to clean it up.
By this time I was done and I called several carpet cleaner people to see if they could come today but alas, none could. I prevailed with heavy use of Oust and Lysol and carpet cleaner. Thank heaven above for Clorox wipes.
We made it through the day I got everything ready for the open house and left the house at nap time. The afternoon was not pretty and it rained all day. We went to Mikaela's new apartment then to Rocket Donuts and took Mikaela shopping for some apartment supplies. Finally we went to the rained out boy scout kick off picnic!
Hopefully we are done with the 48 -72 hour flu and it limits itself to the girls.
I received and email from our realtor and nobody showed at the open house!! but she complimented me on how clean and beautiful the house looked. I guess my efforts were not in vain and I can enjoy the temporary clean.

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