Tuesday, August 26, 2008


OK so I really did not want to take a picture of my behind in the jeans but they are cute jeans, aren't they?!
The other day I got a call from Motherhood Maternity they said the jeans I ordered were in. But, I did not order any jeans. Well, they are bought and paid for with your name on them the lady told me.
I was so excited I left early for a meeting I had to go to and went and picked them up right away. They were a perfect fit and they actually stay up!!! A miracle I know. It seems that every pair of maternity pants I own fall down, How annoying. Now I have one good pair of cute jeans that stay up to bring me into fall. Thank you so much for the blessing and gift.


Stacy said...

How nice!!!

I was stopping by to tell you how to get that baby-ticker up, but I see you figured that out nicely! :)



Alliwoo said...

Keep an eye on those jeans...mine "mysteriously" disappeared when I went to the hospital. Kendall swears he didn't do anything to them! He was so sick of seeing me in them by the time Jennie was born....I know he did it!

Tami Simpson said...

So happy you are happpy!