Friday, August 15, 2008

Solid Rock Family Camp

We just spend 2 fabulous days at camp with 6 families and almost 30 children!! It was so much fun. The hill in the back yard nearly killed me but did not seem to slow down the endless activity.
I will update more after I finish laundry and cleaning up all the puke from the 2 children that woke up completly exhausted and lethargic. I guess we do need our family T-shirts that say "we puke" More later when we are back on our feet.


Stacy said...


Ella and Isaac both woke up this morning saying they felt like throwing up. They haven't, yet. But Ella spent all morning on the couch (with a bowl) and Isaac the better part of the morning. Yikes!

Hope you are all well... SOON! :)


Hilary said...

Hmm... maybe a day and a half would have been better! So sorry the kids got over-exhausted! (Our kids are feeling fine!) Hope yours are feeling better!
Hilary :)