Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Baby Conference

I have had the privilege of attending The Baby Conference in San Antonio, TX last week. At first I thought I had to recap the whole trip, where my children were, the conference, people I met, things I learned, and what I saw. Quickly I realized that it would result in the worlds longest post, if I ever finished it.
Due to the availability of flights we thought we were going to miss the first session. Fortunately for us the program started late and we walked in right when they were beginning the first song! I loved the amount of strollers in the lobby. There were equal amounts of strollers in several places! What a joy and a privilege to be with so many fellow believers who cherish life.

We were blessed to meet Michelle Duggar. She was awarded Vision Forum's Mother of the Year. She was amazing to listen to. I enjoyed her immensely! She was one of the most humble gentle women I have ever met.
The highlight of Kimberly's trip was that when we went to have Michelle sign our book, she remembered Kimberly's name and said that she noticed when Kimberly came in to the conference earlier. That Michelle could pick anyone out in a crowd of 1,700 people is amazing!
The tenderness shown between Michelle and her husband Jim Bob was touching. I was honored to share with them when Michelle was given her Mother of the Year Award and Jim Bob expressed how much he appreciated the sacrifices she has made for their family.
Momm and Kimberly outside of the Convention Center on the Riverwalk.

One of the Speakers Jennie Chancey, said that Kelly from Generation Cedar was in attendance. I LOVE Generation Cedar and was looking for Kelly to meet her, instead I found Kelly Bradrick from Return of the Daughters! If you have not seen that movie, I believe that it should be a priority, even if you do not have any daughters. The vision that is portrayed in this movie is exciting and convicting.

We were fortunate to attend the Special Ladies' Tea with Michelle Duggar located in the Ballroom of the Historic Menger Hotel. The Tea was sold out weeks in advance and was limited so that all attendees could have the opportunity to visit with Michelle Duggar and Beall Phillips. It was fun to have the opportunity to talk with them and share the joys and blessings of raising large families. I felt like I had a small family, at the table where I sat the other women had 9, 10, 11, and 12 children!

Michelle Duggar and my Momm.
The quality of speakers and topics covered at The Baby Conference was second to none! I usually sit toward the front of any meeting I attend, purely because I am easily distracted and it helps me to focus better. One of the sessions touched me to my core and I was 'raw' emotionally. The man in front of me was amazingly compassionate and we had a great conversation, in fact we talked through most of the conference, his wife was an encyclopedia of knowledge packaged in the most understanding woman. Later, I realized he was the MC of The Baby Conference, his name is Adam McManus and he is a Radio Talk Show Host,voted favorite radio personality in San Antonio. I guess I am pretty good at randomly choosing someone to pour my heart out to.
I attended sessions on naming babies, logistics of running a home with a large family, women against feminism, what the Bible says about birth control, The wonders of Embryology, The Hope of Adoption, Child Training, and Preserving the Ideals of Christian Motherhood.
I cannot possibly give you a brief synopsis on each topic without the passion and personalities behind each topic. I will do my best to recap some of the highlights and some of my strongest convictions that have been challenged.


amy said...

Carolynn, wow.
I can not wait to hear more about some of the things you learned! If you are unable to get around to writing it up I may even have to have you and the kids over for coffee (or bring some to you) so that I can pick your brain on these topics.
Did they sell audio cd's from the speakers?

I am so glad you were able to attend such a great event!

Carolynn said...

I would love to share, it would be super fun to get together. They do have the entire conference on CD! Blessings~

Stacy said...

What a great opportunity to go, Carolynn! I'd love to hear more about it! :)

Shawn said...

So cool, Carolynn! I love the Duggars, they all seem so very compassionate, soft-spoken, sweet, humble, wise. I am always inspired when I watch it. Lucky you!! Did she have her littlest with her? How exciting! You look pretty in the photos.

Carolynn said...

You are so sweet Shawn, Baby Josie was at home, with all the other children. She cannot be in public yet. I have never seen the show but was so pleased to glean wisdom from them.
Stacy, I have so much more to say, and am still trying to figure out how to say it! Soon I hope.

Anonymous said...

Wow, it sounds like such an amazing event! I'm SO excited to hear about all the topics you mentioned!!

And now for a question that is a bit off topic. I was curious about what your standards were for modesty in your house. I have 3 daughters who are 12, 10 and 7 and lately I've been prayerfully considering what *our* rules about they way they dress should be. This basically all came about because of the summer season and searching for modest swimsuits and seeing all these little girls in "booty shorts" (yes that's ACTUALLY what they're called!) and spaghetti-strap tops. I want my girls to reflect the glory of God with the way they dress (just as I try to do myself), but it's just so difficult in this day and age. That's basically why I wanted to pick your brain :)