Saturday, July 17, 2010

Remember The Alamo

We studied The Westward Movement with our Young Historians group this year and talked about taking a road trip to see The Alamo. The children were thoroughly disappointed when we decided against the trip. I briefly felt guilty that I was able to see it myself, especially since Syndi and the children did most of the work and learned so much more than I did.

The Alamo is completely funded and maintained by The Daughters of Texas and financial donations from the public. The Alamo is hallowed ground and a Shrine of Texas Liberty. We first stopped at The Shrine where the final Defenders of the Alamo were killed, and the few surviving women and children were found. It was a very sacred site to visit, there were no cell phones allowed, no photography and men were not allowed to wear hats.
Around the shrine they had flags with numbers that represented the number of men fighting from that state or country. There were actual Bowie knives that were used in the fighting and David Crockett's journals and guns. The Alamo was originally built in 1724 as a mission and I saw some of the original mission paintings on the walls, It was truly amazing!

I learned that in Texas they just move things that they want to keep, A hotel was moved across the river before there were automobiles, and a tree that was located on the Alamo Grounds was moved there! The tree stretched about one whole city block!
We were able to attend a documentary and watch someone perform an oral recitation on the history of the Alamo.

In the gift shop was one of the largest diorama's of the Alamo ever made, it was humbling to visually see the sacrifice the garrison of the Alamo made for me and for the Freedom we enjoy today. One of the most amazing pieces of history there was an actual letter that one man wrote to his mother just minutes before his sure death. The young defender showed confidence of his salvation and courage knowing that he was fighting and dying for liberty.

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