Monday, July 19, 2010

Completing Him

So I have completely fallen off the Completing Him Challenge Bandwagon, What you did not know there was a bandwagon?
This week's challenge actually happened for me before I read the challenge! The challenge was to plan dinners around his likes and desires instead of what is easy or child friendly. I sort of got a head start because Sean's birthday was last week and I surprised him with some delicious Kabobs from a local meat company that are a real treat!
Prior to reading the challenge I had already decided to cater to my husbands taste buds! Our menu plan this week:
Sunday: Go out to eat at a nice restaurant following our sailing trip (more on that later)
Monday: Chef Salad and homemade bread, Chocolate Chunk Cookies
Tuesday: Brown Sugar and Bourbon grilled Salmon with garlic bread and Caesar salad
Wednesday:Grilled Coconut Lime Chicken Tenders, brown rice, fresh green beans
Thursday:Philly Cheese Steaks, steak fries, frozen pea salad
Friday: Homemade Pizza with adult toppings (olives, sun dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, sausage, pepperoni)
Saturday:BBQ Hamburgers, baked beans, watermelon, Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp
Sunday:Baja Grilled Fish Tacos (not sure what else is going with that yet).
Sean was thrilled with the menu! He never suggests dinner ideas and almost always says it doesn't matter and honestly when he is not home for dinner I do not even make the effort but we survive on breakfast for dinner or taco soup.
Here is to a week filled with delicious dinners to satisfy my husband's appetite~Or maybe to wet his appetite!


Homemaker Honey said...

Thanks for visiting Homemaker Honey! Looks like you have a great menu planned here!

Brittany said...

Your menu looks fabulous! I am so enjoying hearing from other women as they are also doing the challenge!

(Check out my blog!)

Tammy Barker said...

Can I come to your house for dinner. You inpsire me. I sent my husband for hot and ready pizza for the fam. Busy day.