Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Independance Day

We celebrated all that we learned in our history studies by marching in our town's Old Fashioned 4th of July Celebration. The children were so excited to don their pioneer/mountain men attire and throw candy to all their friends, I mean all the spectators.
These children have learned so much this year and I love that they are able to articulate what they have learned to people who ask.
The man in front of us in the parade line up was a retired history teacher~What fun! I would bet that Our history was much more fun and that the children will actually remember what they learned. While we were waiting for the parade to start Syndi led the children in a few of the songs they learned during history. We sang, "Oh My Darlin' Clementine", "The Star Spangled Banner", "Low Bridge", and "Wait For the Wagon".

The week leading up to the 4th has been very busy with Ruby's birthday, Ben's birthday, friends visiting from out of town, and me getting ready to leave town! I decided that I really wanted to make our wagon a covered wagon for the parade. Keep in mind that I do not sew, and I do not have much in the way of spatial reasoning. I found the directions for my sewing machine, learned how to thread the bobbin, and then I found an old white sheet, some pvc pipe and zip ties. I only had to rip out a few seams but all in all the wagon wasn't bad. You could tell what it was and it held up for the parade.
I love the banner Syndi made for our parade entry. It seemed as though there was a magnet that attracted the children and whenever we put the banner on the ground the children migrated toward the banner it was a miracle that by the time the parade started there were not at least 17 footprints all over it.

We bought 16 pounds of candy to throw to the parade goers. Still, it was difficult to pace the children in throwing the candy. Ruby and Liberty sat in the wagon and ate the candy while the other children threw giant handfuls at the beginning of the parade and were left with none for the children at the end.

Except Ian, he somehow still had 2 suckers left.

At some parts people were lined up 8 people deep along the streets. When we finished walking we doubled back and watched the rest of the parade. After we saw Jason's float go by I was unable to find Jake. Fortunately, he had jumped on the float with his dad. I only had momentary heart failure until I knew where he was.

We enjoyed catching up with lots of friends that we do not see often enough, Wandered the street fair, checked out the classic cars (Ian had to inspect the wheels on the cars). We ate Kettle Korn and headed home for some power naps.

After a brief respite at home we headed over to Jason and Jess' for a potluck celebration.

There was too much wonderful food! I love watching how different people celebrate and the things that make them happy. Jason is one of the most patriotic people I know, he loves fireworks, people, food, and festivities. Last year, when we got to the fireworks he sat down, let out a big sigh, and said, "This is the best day!" I couldn't have agreed with him more and the contentment on his face said it all.

Probably the highlight of my day was when Cale and Sandy brought out their guitars and we sang hymns and other worship songs.

Cale is amazing because he could not only lead worship, and play the guitar but he could read the music that Aaron held (not so still) for him.

Jess had to miss out on the fireworks because Honor and Justice were already in bed. Somehow, I think she was pretty content.

God graced us with an amazing rainbow and spectacular sunset.

Liberty loved the fireworks and even Ohhh'ed and Ahhhh'ed at them. She said, "WOW!" She was not as impressed when the big show started and she pointed to where the smaller fireworks had been and signed more. Then she pointed to the big fireworks and waved bye bye. When there was a loud boom she said, "NO"
One of the things I really enjoy about the 4th is how patriotic we as Americans are. I love that despite the different views we hold we love our Country and our little small town can have such a fantastic celebration.
We all had a fabulous day, ate way too much, and stayed up too late ~ The perfect day!

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