Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Liberty is a delight! We are so very blessed.

Liberty is extremely persistent and fairly easy to please. She loves to play with her baby and to read and be read to. She honestly does not know that she is not one of the big kids. Her favorite thing to say is ME! with her hand raised high in the air. What she is means is me too! Don't forget me! and I'll do it.  

Libby is my little helper. She is the first to unload the dishwasher, set the table,  and fold and put away laundry. In my perfectionist mind it is difficult to allow her to do those things to the best of her ability. I know she wants to do meaningful work and  teaching her to be delightful while she is working is a great reminder to me of how my attitude needs to be.
She is such a sweetie pie. All her siblings clamour over who gets to get her up from her naps. They are first in line to help her, give her whatever her little heart desires (even whipping cream from a can, directly into her mouth). She knows how to open the freezer and we are often irritated by the little wet spots of melting ice that we step in on an hourly basis.

I love how she loves each sibling in their own way. She knows that Taylor is second in command all day long and that Taylor will provide comfort, and security. Aaron is our comedian and loves to get a laugh out of Libby, she will be coy and make him work for it. She also knows that Aaron is comfortable in the kitchen and if she wants food, or drink she will ask him for it. Erik is always on the go. Liberty knows that I am constantly trying to keep track of him and she will randomly go and find him and tell Erik to go see mama! She knows that he loves kisses and hugs and gives him more kisses than anyone else. Ian is our gentle spirit and Liberty knows she can trust him. She loves for him to give her horsey rides, piggy backs, and will play chiropractor with him (he pretends to give her an adjustment). Ian is fun enough to be entertaining but gentle enough not to accidentally hurt her. Ruby loves her little sister and wants to teach her all things girl! Ruby has shown Libby where we keep the nail polish and that anytime is a good time to get your nails painted. Ruby also has a special blanket named "Two-y" and it makes everything better so Libby now has a "two-y" for her baby doll. Libby also knows that Mikaela is on the phone. She picks up the phone and talks to Lala. She even asks to call her. Mikaela will talk to Libby for as long as she wants.
Lord, I pray that you use Liberty's joy and delightful spirit for your glory. I ask you Father to equip her with your grace and your forgiveness. Help me to be a Godly example of a woman who delights in you and in her calling to be a wife and mother. Amen


Stacy said...

I loved this post, Carolynn! Your Liberty sounds like such a sweetheart. I love it how she interacts with all of her older siblings; that she knows what she can give/expect from each one... (that is so true with my youngest, too!) What a joy to be a part of a large family of many siblings to love and help and encourage our little ones!


Ali said...

Carolynn...thank you for the link to your blog. You are a gifted writer and it was so fun to catch up on your family. I knew you were expecting but never heard who had arrived - Liberty...what a sweetie she is. She looks so much like Ruby. Glad to see your family is doing well.

Syndi said...

She is adorable! I've never seen an almost 2 year old in such a hurry to grow up.

Carolynn said...

Stacy, it would be fun to get our little girls together since they are so close in age!
Alice, great to hear from you! I can't believe it has been that long since I have really seen you. I appreciate the encouragement.
Syndi, Thanks for being as interested in my children as I am and lamenting that they grow too fast.