Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Nativity Story Star Wars Style

Several years ago I purchased a Fisher Price Nativity Set. I love little people, yes I love how my children ALL play with them, but I enjoy them as well. I collect the different sets and love the creativity and imagination that my children use while playing with them.
I only pull this particular set out during Christmas time and my children are super excited to see it each year. In the past I have heard someone yelling "Jesus" and when I went to reprimand them, I discovered they were only playing with the 'Jesus Set'.
Yesterday, Ian and Ruby were happily playing with the Nativity Set when I overheard them say that Jesus was just like Yoda, He is the Master Jedi and uses the force. Then Ian informed Ruby that Joseph, even though he is Jesus' father, does not have the power that Jesus has. God, after all, is Jesus' real father. Therefore Joseph is just a Jedi in training.  Ruby went on as she does and said, "There is only one God. He is in 3 persons: The Father, The Son, And The Holy Spirit. Mary is Jesus' mom and she has to be a Jedi because she had to train Jesus and must have the force."
The game continued with Ian saying that Mary is a girl and can't have the force. I wish I had the force.
I am not into Star Wars AT ALL. In fact, they are only allowed to watch it when I am gone because I can't stand it.
I think The Nativity Story Star Wars Style was quite enlightening.  Maybe not the reverence we strive for, but funny.

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Squaw Creek Ranch said...

LOL, I think she has a good grasp, how cute. I wanted to respond to your comment on my blog but don't have your email. Could you send me an email?