Sunday, December 12, 2010

What Fun He's One

Look at this cutie pie! This is my one year old nephew Loden. His birthday was 3 weeks ago! I know I have been slacking on the blog a bit lately but I guess my excuse is that we are living life, not blogging it.

We had a super busy November with a birth, birthdays, birthday parties, and snow. Our family was really looking forward to our trip south to Celebrate Loden's First Year.

I am extremely jealous that my Sister In Law, Nicole gets her hands on Loden on a regular basis. Because they are in such close proximity, and Noah thinks of Loden as his brother, Noah was given the honors of making a toast to the Birthday boy. Noah is very articulate and extremely funny. Noah said that he thought Loden was very cute as a baby but as he is getting older his is becoming less cute ~ Thus the reaction from Karina above.
We don't see family near enough but it is always fabulous to see them. Ruby was especially taken with Aunt Shelby because she listened to Ruby's stream of consciousness speak.
Taylor, Aunt Karina, Grandma
I was hoping for a photo of all the girls together but was pleased with the one I was able to get. We were all disappointed that Aunt Nicole was not able to make the party due to illness, and would covet any prayers for miraculous healing.
Aaron is my most tenderhearted child. He loves to hold babies and is always good for getting a smile.  Loden was completely thrilled with Aaron and offered up not only smiles but contagious belly laughs as well. 
Sean, Ian, Aaron, Grandpa Ivan, Erik
I am not sure even a professional can get a good group shot with my boys. This was about the only picture where Ian's fingers are not in someone else's nose, mouth or ears!
All the cousin's on Sean's side are in this photo except for Mikaela
Again, I challenge a professional photographer to capture 5 boys and 3 girls for a frame worthy picture.
Happy First Birthday you cute little man! 


Nicole Williams said...

Thanks for posting those Carolynn! I love Loden and Aaron together! Everyone else looks great too and, as always, we never get any pictures of the photographer!

Anonymous said...

Great photos, Carolynn. Thanks for sharing! (cousin Susan)