Friday, March 18, 2011


Erik recently purchased this amazing remote control boat from his friend Ben.
He has been begging for weeks for me to take him to the beach so he can use his boat. He begs his siblings to leave their bath water in the tub so he can use his boat.
I told him if it got to 70 degrees I would take him to the beach. Alas, when we were invited to a birthday party at a pool I let him bring the coveted boat and finally drive it somewhere larger than our bathtub.

Have you ever read those crazy warning labels? Most of the time they are ridiculously obvious. Things like do not touch the hot fire, or warning: small marbles may be a choking hazard.  The boat has one that said be aware of rotating propeller. Do Not Touch.  It does not however say to keep away from your sister's waist length hair.
He 'accidently' drove the boat too close to Taylor and proceeded in winding up a good chunk of her hair until it was about 6" long. It took me a good 30 minutes to unwind her hair. It took all of my self control not to destroy the boat in the process. When I got most of the hair out I just ripped the rest. We added the Caution: Do not drive near hair.


Bridget said...

Ouch! That is worse than gum!

Crystal in Lynden said...

We have a flying helicopter in the house that scares me to pieces for this very same reason.

Robert said...

Oh no!!
I'm having flash backs of my hair at age 10 or 11 completely wound up in a remote control car's wheels.
I think my brother put it on my head and then pressed GO.
Ouch! And a real patience-tryer for mom!
-rebecca m

Carolynn said...

Rebecca, I did not know those thing actually happened.

Bridget, this would only be a danger to the lone female in your house, thankfully we have not had to deal with gum! Yuck.

Crystal, Watch Out! I think it would have been easier to dismantle the boat (not a popular choice).