Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Never Too Young

Liberty was born old. She is the first to say, "Me Too!" She wants to put Tabasco on anything that anyone else is.
Regularly Liberty raises her hand to answer a question (we home school, this isn't necessary.)
Honestly I don't think she knows she is only 2.
(check out the cute new piggy tails)

After dinner, without being asked she began to clear the table.  She had to ask someone to open the dishwasher for her.

She put all the bowls in the correct place, went back for spoons and put them in correctly. She has never been taught this. She learns most of what she does by watching her siblings.

Liberty even remembered to push in the trays before she closed the dishwasher. 

I have learned that the earlier you teach them to work and include them with what you are doing the less resistance you get from requiring work later. Liberty and Ruby are two of my best helpers in the kitchen. Yes, it does take longer and is messier but the reward is worth it!

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