Monday, March 28, 2011

Impromptu Eats

Saturday we had a showing at our house. They wanted to view the house sometime between 5 and 6.
That left me with the dilemma of cleaning the house getting out of here by 4:30 just to be safe, and feeding my family.

We miraculously got the house clean and the yard spruced up a bit and headed to the beach for a BBQ dinner. We had hamburgers and chips.

Mostly, we enjoyed the drift wood, tide pools, sea life and the beauty of God's creation.

Taylor and Ruby put the snails in small families ranging in size from a mama and papa and baby to families of 17 or more.

Liberty was a hungry girl, she had to help Papa cook and be assured of the very first hamburger. She ate the entire thing all by herself and wanted more!

The boys and I made it about a half mile down the beach without touching any rocks. We jumped from log to log! They also showed me a trap that they set on a Giant piece of driftwood. Unfortunately, the trap was sprung and all the rocks came tumbling down on my bare toes!

We were treated to a beautiful sunset and only a few drizzles.

Ian and Ruby always have some game of house or Star Wars going on and Liberty is not one to be left out (even though it looks like she is).

We arrived home well after dark with children tired from all the fresh air. We were able to enjoy the clean quiet house with children sleeping soundly.
We heard from the realtor that the people loved the house and want to come back for a second look this week! Please keep us in your prayers.


amy said...

Carolynn! Good job getting it all done!
And whoohoo about the people likeing the house. I was going to text you and ask about the response but I forgot. I WILL be praying that this is it!

You know that you are a pacific northwester when you say "we only had a few drizzles at our picnic!"

We got feedback from our showing, "it looks like they are set up for a lot of kids." Duh. And "it looks like they have just given up on the landscaping." Duh again. And they want a barn for horses not a shop. What a waste of time. But that is ok. I really don't want to move.

Praying for your come back showing!

Bridget said...

Gorgeous photos! Makes me miss home...
You are in our daily prayers.

Carolynn said...

Amy, no offense I don't want you to move either. Set up for a lot of kids is phenonomal in my book! Who cares about plants when you are growing Godly children.
Bridget, What are you doing checking in?? I have been praying for your trip, I hope it is everything you wanted and then some!Thank you for the prayers.