Monday, February 13, 2012

Flashback to Snow

I loved having my whole family together for 10 days. Sean took the time off to be here for when Mikaela came to visit. None of us expected to be snowed in! Our landlord was in San Diego for the week so we were in charge of the cows as well. We had to be very diligent in making sure that they all had access to water. Sean had to break the water trough for the cows, Erik unfroze the rabbits water bottles, Taylor dumped the ice and added fresh water for the chickens and I kept a fresh supply of water out for the cats. It was something we have never experienced before. I had no idea how much water cows go through in a day!
It was wonderful to have nowhere to go and hardly any laundry to do, because the children kept wearing the same warm clothes over and over.
Aaron building a 3D globe puzzle
This year, for the first time ever, we were prepared for snow. Between my mom and Sean's mom the children were completely outfitted for cold weather. We had Under Armor, Wool Socks, Snow Gloves, Hats, Pants, and Coats. We were also blessed with a Ski Do for everyone. Liberty was regularly asking for either her Filson or REI socks. I think that girl could make a commercial.

Taylor working on her 1000 piece horse shaped puzzle with horse shaped pieces
We were accustomed to our old house and how warm it was year round. If we had friends over or the oven on we had to open the windows in December or January because it got too warm. That is about the only thing I miss about that house (and the good neighbors of course). This house has us layering, wearing sweatshirts, socks, and at times, sleeping bags.
I felt really bad that Mikaela was here during the coldest time of year.

Looking Heavenward 
We enjoyed lots of time outside. We built a big snowman. This is him, after the snow, some rain, and much abuse by boys. We also built part of an igloo. After working so hard the first day and getting 3 layers done, it snowed and buried the first 2 1/2 layers. I think we all lost momentum at that point. 
We also enjoyed sledding on the neighbor's hill. Sledding is fun. The boys enjoyed going down the hill, under the barbed wire and into the cow pen. I opted for the safer route down the hill and between the calf domes. I was envious of their ability to run and jump head first down a hill. Every time I tried that, I either knocked the wind out of myself or just plain hurt my body.

A look inside the Playmobile Room 
When the weather turned cold we moved our couch in by the wood stove. This left an almost completely empty room (something we never even dreamed about at the Birch Bay House). Playmobile is a constant source of entertainment and play in our home. This room filled with Playmobile is like a dream come true. We rarely have arguments over these toys. All the children ages 3-14 love to play. The girls have admitted that they prefer to set them up and not necessarily play. 
I was impressed with my children's tenacity in beginning not only one, but multiple complex puzzles. I tried a few times to help but was easily distracted and it was not quick enough results for me.

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