Monday, February 20, 2012

Veterinary Issues & Facebook

Last year we gave Erik a bunny for his birthday. We then signed up for the Youth Fair and Taylor had a horrible experience in her division so she joined Erik in the Rabbit Division. 
 By the end of the 2 days we went home with 3 rabbits instead of the 1 we originally came with. Sean was a fabulous sport and built a rabbit hutch for Taylor's rabbit and we got another cage for Erik's second rabbit. We have had many interesting lessons involving the rabbits. From mating them and holding them upside down so the stuff doesn't fall out to keeping the mama from eating the babies, and even feeding the babies using an eye dropper.
I am usually pretty hands off, I do purchase their food, and have been suckered into getting them some toys and a leash, but overall the children do ALL of their care.
 That is until Erik forgot to put Uno (the one eared rabbit) back in his cage one night. He came home with this nasty wound. I would call him one lucky bunny. First he survived his tail and one ear being eaten off by his mom, then he survived a night outside in the country where obviously something tried to get him. Guess when he goes, we might keep one of his feet! No, just kidding, that is really gross.

Not knowing at all how to care for an injured rabbit, I posted on Facebook asking for advice. I was very grateful for all the helpful advice. I attempted to shave the area around his wound but quickly found out that the rabbit was less impressed with the clippers than he was with the socks on his feet. A helpful reader told me to put the socks on so that he couldn't claw me! That is one trick I will be sure to put in my back pocket.
I was surprised at how soft Uno is! Guess I never really bothered with the rabbits before. I flushed out his wound with saline, then but Triple Antibiotic Ointment on it. I used the extra ointment to slick back his fur and keep it out of the way. I also learned about Blue Kote, a Fantastic product to have on the farm.
Uno healed nicely and Erik learned to always put his rabbits back in the hutch. In fact, he has taken to padlocking them in, just to make sure they are safe. I really have to learn to appreciate his thoroughness.

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