Saturday, February 18, 2012

Valentine's Day

Savannah and her Wonderfully Delicious Fudge Brownie with Cream Cheese Decadence! 
I love Valentine's Day. A day to Celebrate love and friendship. Often, I host a big party and we make Valentines for Nursing Homes, or Firemen. This year however, we kept it simple.
Jess and her children came over for lunch, and playtime and goodies!
Justice, Liberty, Ruby, Honor, & Ian
 I gave my children each their own bag of M&M's! Liberty's were gone within an hour. The sweet girl shared hers with everyone. Paisley thought she was in heaven because she had an unlimited number of M&M's. Justice didn't leave Liberty's side until the M&M's were gone. Honor just wanted his own bowl. I had to put a stop to her siblings asking for some, after all they each had their own.

Where did Ruby Go? 
We enjoyed a fabulous day just letting the kids play. We got all 4 little ones down for a nap and the big kids were outside playing war. We have the habit of starting 4 or 5 different conversations and talking as fast as we can to try and fit everything in!
I got a beautiful bouquet of red tulips from my husband and some pussy willows from Taylor! The best gift was the time I had today with no bickering, arguing or complaining!
We enjoyed Seafood Fettuccine then the boys went to wrestling and Taylor and I enjoyed some girl time watching Ever After, one of my all time favorite movies.

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