Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cedar and Pine Lakes Hike

Last week my kids were feeling crummy and we were slowly plowing our way through school. We noticed a sunny day in the forecast. I decided that we simply must take advantage of the weather and get some exercise. 
I love to hike! I like exploring new areas, being together, and getting exercise. I feel like we are finally at a place that it isn't overwhelming to take these excursions. 
Like I said, a few of my children were feeling crummy and the beginning of the hike starts out pretty steep. One of them came to me in tears asking if they could wait in the BRV. Another was whining and dragging their feet. I gave that one a swat and told them to shape up and the other one I encouraged that the fresh air would help them to feel better. 

 The elevation change on this 5 mile hike was 1,750 feet! Liberty spent most of the time in the Ergo either on my back or on Taylor's back. When she was with Taylor she was a bit more demanding. Saying things like,"Giddy Up horsey!" and, "yaw, yaw, Why you going so slow TayTay?"
 There was still snow on the ground but fortunately we were dressed for the weather. I even found a pair of new hiking boots in the closet, in my size! I was thrilled! I wonder where they came from? The shoe fairy, perhaps? Maybe the shoe fair could also leave me a pair of Ariat Fat Baby Boots!
 Dana, is my running partner,  chiropractor and friend. She is also about a foot taller than me. I usually work really hard to make sure that I am not holding her back but when she put her 4 year old on her back I was in awe! Ruby wanted to be carried for a bit as well, I only offered to hold her hand while Dana actually carried her for awhile.
 You really must appreciate Ruby's sense of style her fur hat, skirt, Bog boots and baby (complete with diaper bag), Every time I turned around Ian was asking me to take his picture. He did make me a bit anxious with his complete and utter lack of awareness of the cliffs, waterfalls and moss covered logs hanging over a precipice. This is the son who routinely falls off of his chair at breakfast!
 Lukas, Bree and Dana at Cedar Lake, our lunch stop! I enjoy her children's sense of adventure, their positive attitude, and mischievous antics.
 Doesn't he look like his father? This is Aaron's sophisticated look. I took all of these photos on my iPhone. I must say that I have gotten quite lazy when it comes to packing the nice camera,  I really don't want one more thing to carry.
We enjoyed our lunch then headed back down the trails. Erik's classic quote was, "Isn't there another, faster easier way back to the van?"
We live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. It is a priority for us to enjoy and explore. I am  excited we have so many new trails to experience this season.
We all felt better and everyone was in bed early and slept wonderfully.


Crystal in Lynden said...

I love reading about the hikes people take in our area. I've lived here 10 years and should know so much more than I do about the hiking options. But I also feel like I'm finally at a point that hiking is "doable." Your hiking inspires me!

Carolynn said...

Yippee Crystal! We would love some hiking partners. I am still leary of going without another adult, just in case!