Monday, April 23, 2012

Snowshoeing At Artist Point

Dana invited me to go snowshoeing with her and several other women. I wasn't sure if it would be the best option for my family. Sean and I discussed it and he was excited for me to be able to go!

Don't you just LOVE Heather's pants tucked in her socks? 
 I know Heather and was excited to have another woman that I love going with us! Saturday was a beautiful day, one that sings of God's glory and love for us.
We had several other women who had never been snowshoeing before, it was a challenge for them at first.
Dana, Heather, Sandra, Dana, Kim, Bobby Ruth
 I have been hiking with the other Dana and her boys before and really enjoyed getting to talk to her and see her again.
 There were a few challenging portions of the trail, some I really wished that I had Gators to keep the snow out of my boots. You know the boots the shoe fairy left? The shoe fairy was Syndi, she gave us Ben's boots that were too small for him! I like having feet smaller than my children, and my friend's children~ It comes in really handy for hand me downs.
This one is for you Kelly! Take 5 with my Take 5 Candy Bar. 
 I really enjoy being active and having something fun to do. I loved dreaming with Heather. We are both looking at houses, she asked some very specific questions and helped me articulate why we want what we do. Thanks Friend!
 I wish this gave better perspective of the elevation change we covered in such a short distance.
Me and Dana
 At Artist Point. This is just a taste of the view. The magnitude of beauty that surrounds everywhere you turn!
Bobby Ruth, Dana, Me, Heather
 We took a different route down, that was a bit longer but avoided a huge drop off. Then headed down the mountain for some amazingly delicious pizza at Chair 9.
Sean and the boys went to Fight Night at a friends house so Taylor fed the girls, bathed them, did their nails and hair and got them ready for bed. She served them joyfully and was happy to give me the opportunity to get some sun, fresh air, and exercise with other women. I especially enjoyed learning about their lives, and hearing their stories.
I am blessed.
The view from the bottom, looking up to where we were.
The big mound to the right of the picture is Table Top Mountain, we snowshoed just to the left of that. 
Psalm 19:1 
The heavens declare the glory of God, 
and the sky above proclaims his handiwork.


Anonymous said...

So glad I got to be part of your hike! :-) I love being able to see all of your adventures!

Carolynn said...

Yeah Kelly! I love love love comments!
I did say, you have to take a picture of me eating this for Kelly! I was saving it for something special!