Sunday, January 6, 2013

Christmas 2012

For the past few years we have been going up to Mt. Baker on Christmas Day to go sledding. I enjoy being fully present with the children and once again, taking the focus of the stuff. We have finally learned that Under Armor, Fleece and Good Gloves make all the difference for a happy day.

Aaron, Ian, Erik, Ruby, Taylor, Liberty
This year 3 other families joined us and we had a fabulous time. I love how God provides the seemingly insignificant things. One of the mama's is pregnant and had to go really bad. Since the Ski lifts are closed, so were the restrooms. I happened to see someone with a key and ran up to him explaining my friends plight. Thankfully he was generous and the problem was averted.
My favorite quote of the day was from Liberty(3) to Karter (6), "How about if you pull me up, I sled down, you pull me up, I sled down, you pull me up?" To which Karter replied, "Uh, I don't think so." Can't blame a girl for trying.
I enjoyed watching the delight on their faces, and I don't want to forget:
 how Liberty, with complete abandon, would throw herself into the snow and lie there with a great big cheesy grin on her face.
Or, when I tried to give Kaiden a big shove down the hill and instead pushed him right off the sled face first into the snow, and he said, "It's OK Mrs. Carolynn, I still love you."
And, Ruby and Ian and Bree under the tree playing house. They will play house anywhere, anytime!
Taylor, Aaron and Erik advanced to the bigger hills: Longer, Faster, Better! Sean and I joined them for a run, or two, or.... Well, we were able to keep up with them.

Aaron got his wish for a White Christmas
The beauty of where we live truly speaks of God's Holiness, and Creativity. Another lesson I have been learning the past year has been to leave while everyone is still having fun. This worked so well this year because by the time we got everyone loaded in the van it started snowing really hard.
Papa clearing the windows, me, inside the nice warm van pouring Hot Cocoa for everyone
My absolute favorite part of Christmas this year was having 2 of the other families come over for a potluck dinner. We all made Crockpots of soup and brought fresh bread and fellowshipped together. I was blessed by how much joy everyone had. We talked, prayed, laughed, and ate.
There were so many similarities between the adults and the children.
My heart was truly full and we all agreed that this was the best way to spend Christmas. I think we have a new tradition started. If it is new, can it be called tradition? Well anyway, it is something we intend to continue.

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