Saturday, January 5, 2013

Christmas Eve

We try to be very purposeful in our parenting. This year we decided make Christmas an experience for the children. We wanted to do things instead of have things. We didn't purchase ANY gifts this year. Don't get me wrong, we never go overboard, and have not once, purchased an item that was the latest fad. I don't buy things unless it it something that they need, or have a use for.  We decided not to buy into any of the consumerism.
2nd and 4th daughters
Honestly, I heard the song "nuttin for Christmas" by Sugarland, and thought, "That is my children!" They spent most of the month bickering, arguing, and in general just being little heathens. This isn't normal for our children, but it sure made it a lot easier for me.
Ruby was so happy she got a slinky! 
 I do like to bring our children delight, several times, I was tempted to break down and get them things but held strong to our decision.
The Children draw names for each other and try to keep it a surprise until Christmas. Every year Erik Always figures it out. That boy is a detective!
I was completely floored at how thrilled they were with their simple gifts from each other. It was a perfect reminder for me to keep it simple and especially focused on The Reason for the Christmas Season.
Ian does this in so many photos! He is either leaning in, or leaning out! 
 The utter contentment with each gift was refreshing. Everyone except Liberty used their own money to purchase the gifts. Some were much more generous than others.
I love the surprise and joy on his face! 
I think it really helps to get what you want when you only have a couple of items on your list. Ian got a new Star Wars Lego set from Ruby.
Ruby only wanted a Slinky and was literally jumping for joy when she opened her Slinky from Erik. I Strongly prodded Erik into getting her a Lego set as well. Erik tends to be quite stingy with his money and really wants to receive nice gifts, but doesn't really want to spend money to give gifts. It was a good thing that when he got the Slinky it was on sale for buy one get one free, because he broke her Slinky the next day.
Erik could not believe he actually got exactly what he wanted! 
 Erik told me that he was really glad he got Ruby such a nice gift, since he couldn't think of a better gift to receive (except a quad, motorcycle, or goat). He got 2 hermit crabs, and a complete habitat! Taylor selflessly gives gifts knowing which things will bring the receiver delight.
I couldn't tell Liberty who she had, because she would have not only told who she had, but what she had gotten. She wrapped Taylor's Barnes and Nobel gift card after I put it in a box so she wouldn't know what it was.
Liberty's pony tail was in constant motion, Repeatedly Thanking Aaron for  her tea set! 
I knew exactly what he wanted to get Aaron and found the perfect Bionicle when we were out shopping. Unfortunately, he spends money faster than he makes is, so he was about $6 short on his $12 purchase. I preferred for Aaron to get something that he really wanted, and not just some junk that Ian could afford (like the $2 rusted pocket knife he wanted to buy at Goodwill) I paid the difference and Aaron was excited and surprised that he got the one he needed!
Aaron didn't put much though into Liberty's gift and when I showed him a miniature china set at Goodwill for $5 he liked the price tag better than the gift. Liberty however, gasped and slowly said, "WOW!" she must have stopped playing with her tea set a dozen times to give Aaron a hug and tell him, "Thank you for my Tea Set." Aaron learned the value of both presenting a gift that looked beautiful, but also giving someone something that they would like!

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