Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Look Who's 4!

My baby is 4! This year has had some huge changes, taking down the crib, selling the toddler bed, saying, "Good-bye" to pull-ups at night, being able to buckle herself in her car seat, graduating to 'real' chores, and so much learning.
Sporting her new dress and making cupcakes! 

I am so thankful for my sweet, spirited little girl. She is growing up way too fast. I am cherishing each milestone thinking that it is the last time we get to enjoy these moments with our children. 
I know that she isn't growing up with the same mama Mikaela had. In some ways that is good, others she is missing out. 
 For some reason I do not have any pictures of Liberty's Birthday Party. We had 26 people at the house. For dinner my momm made a wonderful Prime Rib!
I scanned Pinterest for ideas for her party and we had a super cute Owl Themed party, complete with a Happy Birthday banner, missing a 'P' in Happy, Owl cupcakes with Oreos and M&M's for the eyes, cute owl goodie bags.
I love that it was only 5 families and we all agree to do all together. I love that the 11 year old girl and 12 year old boy can be as excited for the 4 year olds birthday as she herself is.
When Liberty opened her gifts she just tossed the clothes over her shoulder, but later LOVED the new clothes, especially the pink sparkly tights from Grandma. she got her own box of cupcake mix and frosting with sprinkles. Ruby gave her a huge purple plastic ring that can often be seen on Ruby's finger. 
She is such a big girl with an even bigger personality. 

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Sounds like it was fun.