Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Polar Bear Swim

Sean enjoys going to the Birch Bay Polar Bear Swim. He has done it every year for as long as I can remember. With the exception of the morning Liberty was born. He really thought about going but decided to stay with his wife and new baby!
Cousins! Liberty, Sarah, Ruby
I'd like you to notice how the girls are dressed. Snowsuits, boots, hats (at least they all started off with hats). I was very thankful for the beautiful CRISP sunshine. There has been years where it was freezing rain and wind. This year was below freezing but still a beautiful Northwest January day.
Kimberly and her dad, my brother, Chris
I have seriously been trying all year to psyche myself up to surprise Sean and join him in the Polar Bear Plunge. I really could not come up with a good reason to subject myself to being very cold and wet.
When Kimberly told me she was going to do it, I really honestly did not think that she actually would. I am very happy to say that she proved me wrong. Not only did she do it, but she did it with a huge smile and an amazing attitude!
Liberty didn't want to go in the water! Yes, we know all those people on the pipe,
Aaron, Ian, Aiden B, Erik, Cael B, and Ellie B
As an added bonus, her dad, my brother, Chris came up to watch her and then came back to the house for Liberty's Birthday Party. We got the whole day with him, a very rare treat indeed.
The Three Who Went
Erik has participated several times, and observed others.  I am never quite sure what factor he uses to determine when he is going to go. This year he joined his Papa and Kimberly and started off the New Year with a Splash!
don't be fooled by the blue sky, it was freezing
I always enjoy going to see so many of our old neighbors and friends. It works out really well because after the Plunge we don't hang out for long, everyone is anxious to get home and take a nice hot shower, so my visiting is kept to a minimum and Sean is happy.
Erik went all the way under, but was quick to get out! 

Kimberly didn't run to get out, maybe it wasn't that bad? 

As always, Sean understates his achievements. 

Terri R, she should be proud! 

Birch Bay, New Years Day

Another great start to the New Year, Happy 2013
I love his smile! I love supporting him and encouraging him to do things that make him smile.

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