Monday, June 30, 2008

Mama's Day Off

Ok, so how sad is it that my day off was a result of going to a 3 hour Doctor's appointment in Seattle?
Hey I will take what I can get! My friend Jessica was able to leave her children with their dad and Sean took the day off to be with ours so we went to Seattle together.

On the way down we stopped at Starbucks and in between the ultrasound and the doctor we went out to lunch. We then went shopping at Babies R Us (she is pregnant with twin boys), and Nordstroms, Pottery Barn, Jack and Janie, Williams and Sanoma, Motherhood (where I discovered the BEST materninty pants in the whole world). We also hit Goodwill and Winco. After which we went to Sticky Fingers BBQ which Jess had talked about all day. We got there too late and they were closed but, never hold back pregnant women!! Jess went in and asked if they would serve us. They said that they only had chicken left (what luck) We had the best BBQ with extra cornbread!! It was delicious. Such a fun day and all because of a doctor's appointment.

Sean and the children stayed home and played. They released our butterflies that we watched hatch. They managed the whole day without me. I even came home to a clean kitchen. I know that everyone was happy to use a batch cook meal and I was thrilled to not have to worry about it.

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