Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Camp Grandma ~ Part 1

One of our days at Camp Grandma we went to the Central Washington Fair. We were able to get tickets and attend the Ellensburg Rodeo Extreme Bull Riding Event. It was humbling to see a stadium full of people showing honor to Our God. The event began with a prayer! EVERYONE took off their hats, and bowed their heads. Some of the cowboys kneeled for the prayer.

The caliber of the bulls was amazing! They got the best bulls from the US and Canada. This was the final round on the bull riding before the Championship. It took a very long time to get enough athletes from the elimination round to the finals. When a cowboy completed the 8 second ride he was met with much crowd enthusiasm and fireworks.
The Bull Riding went very long and I was convinced that the vendors walking around with cold water, pop and cotton candy would have met with much fortune had they been selling Snuggies and Starbucks.

Frontier Village at the fair was a huge hit with the family. Of course, Ian loved the one room school house. It was complete with the wood stove in the back, a rule book for teachers (containing morals, conduct, and dress) I am grateful that I don't have to live by those rules.
They even had some of the same McGuffy Readers that we use!

Apparently my children cannot get enough of the Gold Panning. They were thrilled with each nugget they discovered. Even Mikaela's boyfriend, Duane got in on the quest to strike it rich and he was instantly addicted.

I loved the General Store! Choosing the penny candy was a highlight for all. The candies are not all created equal. Rootbeer was amazing! Butterscotch was good, strawberry was find-a-garbage-can-and-spit-it-out-as-fast-as-possible-gross.
Mikaela was the big spender and enjoyed her $0.50 pickle.

We were even able to participate in a tractor pull for the children. All three boys and one other girl were the only ones to make it to the finals! Ruby missed it by 1/2". Their athletic ability was quite surprising.

Aaron took fiddle lessons for $0.05, and learned to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in a few short minutes. Later, at Grandma's house she taught him a few things on her violin. Once again, I marvel at their innate talent. I know I need to figure out how to foster their interests and abilities.
No activity is complete for our family without someone throwing up. Ruby filled the bill right after the boys rode the mechanical bull and just before Grandma took her home. We had a fabulous day with many sweet memories.

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