Thursday, September 2, 2010

Open House

My wonderful mom came and picked up my children yesterday so that I could have some time! Time to spend an uninterrupted evening with my husband, time to do some projects, time to myself! We have lived in our house for 8 years and I am trying to remember a time when I have been alone in our house, I honestly cannot think of once! I have been home with a baby or with Sean but not all alone.

I have been cleaning and throwing stuff away, and cleaning more. We are going out of town to Camp Grandma (my favorite, not Grandma but time) and our Realtor is having a open house while we are away.

It will be very difficult to leave this house which we built with blood, sweat and tears while I was pregnant with Erik but we have added 3 more children and a whole slew of homeschool supplies.

We are looking for either property that we can build on or an older home on land. We want to have a hobby farm for the lifestyle that it can provide for our growing family.

I have been able to get completely done with the laundry, clean everything and have it stay that way and even do some projects that I have wanted to do for a very long time.

I hemmed the boys' curtains.

I made the curtains in the master bath! (look what I can do).

and I made a throw pillow for our bed! I feel so accomplished. I plan to go outside and spruce up the yard a bit more, then head off to the library, post office and if I have time get my toe nails painted (I love that). Then I will meet Sean and we will pick up the children and spend some time with Grandma!
Praying for God's will with our home.

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Tammy Barker said...

The house looks amazing. It looks so empty.