Monday, January 23, 2012

Family Reunion

Noah and Erik
Actually it was my nephew, Noah, who declared that we were having a family reunion. I really wanted the opportunity for Mikaela to see her cousins and Aunts while she was here. So I asked my mom to host a gathering of Sean and his sisters! She lives in the middle of all of us so it was a central location. That, and she is a very gracious host. Oh, and she has a fabulous sledding hill in the back yard!
When we planned the menu she told me she had it all under control and I didn't have to prepare anything, or bring anything. How's that for planning a get-together on my part?
Princess Cousins: Ruby and Sarah
 I was concerned that we would not be able to continue with our plans due to the crazy snow and freezing rain. Mikaela's last day here turned out to be fairly decent as far as travel was concerned.
Mikaela has not seen her Aunts since Karina's baby shower, and Loden is now 2!
Taylor and Aunt Karina
This was our first get together since Nicole was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in February 2011. Nicole's amazing attitude and beauty radiate through her gorgeous smile! It was so nice to spend some time together and watch the cousins play.
Erik was so gentle with the baby and played for hours on the sleds with Noah. His compassion warmed this mama's heart. 
Aunt Nicole and Mikaela
Aaron had Loden with him most of the time. Loden loved riding on Aaron's shoulders. Plus Aaron is kinda like a big puppy dog as far as fun is concerned.  Loden practiced all of our names and was quite good and communicating who and what he wanted. He is the sweetest little boy. He has a great smile and gentle disposition.
Ruby, Sarah, Geaba, Uncle Moo, Kimberly
 My brother, AKA Uncle Moo, had just gotten out of the hospital and had a few major surgeries, he felt well enough to join us but lamented the fact that he could only eat a couple bites of lasagna before he felt full. I completely agree with his statement that, "I really like to eat and want to enjoy more than a taste of my food before I'm too full to eat more." Unfortunately for me I was able to eat 3 helpings of lasagna before I felt full. (wonder if that's my problem?)
Ian and Karina
Don't you see the family resemblance here?
Ian is my sweetie!  He loves playing with the girls (Ruby, Sarah, and Libby), he has it figured out: he gets to be the hero and the conqueror, and the dad. Whatever the coveted role is, when he is playing with the girls, he gets that role. Smart boy!
Karina and Nicole
 I couldn't have gotten better sisters in law if I had hand picked them myself. They lavish my children with genuine attention. I love how they love them.
Sweet Loden
It took Karina 15 minutes to get Loden ready to go outside and play in the snow. 5 minutes later it was time to come in for cake and presents. We like to lump the celebrations around here. Noah will be 9 on Jan 26th, so we had dessert in his honor. Apparently Noah didn't like our singing. Really, though he didn't want us to see his wet bum from sledding in the snow. Don't know why covering your ears helps cover your bum, but whatever works!
 After brownies, we gave some belated Christmas gifts, and Noah's birthday gifts. My favorite quote was from Noah, while Loden was opening his gift,"That looks amazingly like a toddler toy."
Backyard snow fun
Riding a Ski Do down the hill, pushing cousins in the wagon down the hill, hitting snowballs with a bat up the hill sounds like a recipe for disaster. Fortunately, it was the perfect ingredients for a perfect day of memory making with family.
Loden and Mikaela
That's Loden's angry face! He was not impressed that we told him he couldn't take home the first gun he ever played with. Makes me laugh that boys (even ones who have no experience with guns) will change anything into a gun, and know exactly what to do with it!
I am so very thankful for the time we have and for the people God has given to us. It was hard to share the time we had with Mikaela, but I know how important it is to let people know they matter and are important to you while you can.

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Nicole said...

We had so much fun, Carolynn! Loden was asleep practically before we left the driveway. It was so good to see Mikaela!