Saturday, January 7, 2012

Yippee Libby's Three!

I remember 3 short years ago, Sean and I went for a walk on New Year's Eve. This baby was due Dec 23 and the doctor wanted to induce me on Dec 11. I canceled my appointment and just didn't make another one until after the new year. I was feeling huge and uncomfortable and my mom was still at our house from Christmas because we all kept thinking the baby was going to be born any day.
Finally on New Year's eve we were about a mile and a half from the van and my water broke! My water has never broke at the onset of labor so we were quite surprised. I am talking like gallons of water! Not just a small trickle, but big gush. Sean offered to run back and get the van but I was feeling fine and did not relish the thought of sitting on the side of the road soaking wet freezing cold while all the people out to celebrate the new year were driving by. 
We walked back to the van and a couple times I had to stop a puke. One time Sean missed it because he was watching the custom Harley's drive by. It's OK, I don't really need an audience to puke anyway. 
Just before I got back in the van my water gushed even more! 
I went home and took a shower and did my hair and makeup. Hey, you never know how long it's gonna be till you get to do that again. (with Ian it was 5 days!) 

I called my friend Jess and told her that I wasn't really in labor but we were going to the hospital anyway. She met us there about 9:00 p.m.While being admitted they told me that they couldn't get a reading on my amniotic fluid so they didn't think that it had broke yet, and it didn't look like I was in labor so they might send me home. Ummm, this is my 7th baby and I'm a Childbirth Educator and  Doula, I know that my water broke. Plus, I was 41 +1 weeks pregnant I had to tell them that it was time to have the baby. 
 I walked around a bit and the nurse said that I looked a little flushed so maybe she should check my progress. When she checked I was at 9 1/2 cm! I yelled, "Praise God!" It has never been this easy before. Jess was in shock and said, "no wonder you have so many babies, you make this look easy."
I mean really, I was hardly sweating, my makeup was still perfect and I was almost there!

Alas, that is where the joy stopped. We all thought she would be born 12/31/08. That's when the real contractions hit! I felt like I was in transition the whole rest of the time. The doctor offered to break my water to help things along. I agreed because my water had already broken and it couldn't hurt. They were flummoxed when they couldn't find any bag to break. Duh. I tried taking a bath, doing deep knee bends, getting on my hands and knees, I even tried pushing a few times (even though I had no urge). I can honestly say that is the worst feeling I have ever had! I thought maybe I could push past that 1/2cm. I think that is when I got mean. I cried and said I couldn't do it anymore (the first time I have ever felt that way). Sean was shocked. Plus when I got out of the tub I did not want to get dressed again so I labored hard completely naked for the next few hours. I was pretty disgusted with everyone when they all cheered "Happy New Year!" Then I was encouraged with the promise of having the first baby of the year (who doesn't want a years worth of free diapers?)
I could see the doctor trying to decided what to do. Obviously the baby was malpositioned and nothing I had done had changed that. Because of my genetic bleeding disorder C Section was a last resort option and an epidural is not an option at all. Finally at 2:15 a.m. I crawled into bed completely exhausted and out of ideas. Jess encouraged me to try Fentanyl. I have never had it, and have seen women use it plenty of times. I did not really want to be in a intoxicated state when I had the baby but since it seemed to be my only option, I decided to give it a whirl. Liberty was born at 2:24, just 4 minutes after the Fentanyl. I have cursed myself many times wondering if she would have been born 5 hours earlier if I had just swallowed my stubbornness and taken the stuff. She was born with her fist right by her ear ~ Ouch. 

She has grown so much! It's hard to imagine that we don't have a baby in the house anymore. She constantly reminds us that she isn't a baby, but a big girl. She wants to do everything herself and is every one's number one helper! 

Syndi made Liberty this awesome Tea Pot Cake. I think Libby has a special bond with Syndi and could pretty much get whatever she wanted! Libby loves tea parties and before the last drop of tea is finished she is already planing the next party. 

Libby wanted, Isobel, Ben, and Syndi at her party.  Because we do things involving the whole family Abigail got to come along and I was able to get some good baby cuddle. 

Liberty wore her new dress from Grandma, and enjoyed her cake with her own special Tea Cup from Syndi, she also got a tea set to have tea with her babies. She loved her puzzles that Ruby wanted to 'organize' for her, Super cute purple Keen's, a baby stroller, carrier and high chair! I guess if we don't have any real babies we still have plenty of baby gear for the girls' dolls. 
Happy Birthday my sweet, independent, cuddly, funny girl. I love you!

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