Monday, January 9, 2012

Roman Feast

Shelly and her children are studying Rome to the Reformation as part of their school this year. I love that they are a year ahead of us and we can call them with questions whenever  we get stuck in our school. 
They invited our family to their Roman Feast. But first we had to figure out when it was. Our invitations were written with Roman Numerals. 

Ian, Cael, and Liberty
We got some strange looks driving our BRV (Big Red Van) down the road on a Friday afternoon with children and adults in Togas. When we arrived at the Feast we were greeted, and the 'slave' washed our hands then we were invited to recline at the banquet. What nobody noticed here was that Liberty took the entire bowl of Caesar Salad and ate it all ~ right out of the serving bowl. 

It was very cool to eat a meal without utensils. I confess, it was the first time I have ever eaten an omelet with my fingers. It was the best omelet, well I may have had 3 or 4, ever! It was made with honey and walnuts! Liberty took the reclining seriously, she laid on her back with the drumstick held above her head and her mouth wide open. 

A Sample of Roman books and activities. 
I will spare you the photos of the boys with their big hunks of chicken on the bone. They were disappointed that they didn't get to be authentic and throw the bones on the floor for the servants to clean up. 
We had the opportunity to look through the work that the children completed so far this year. We also heard some of the verses and poems that they have memorized. As well as shared some of our own. 

Aiden and Erik
Shelly is a brave woman! She let the children drink grape juice from wine glasses while laying on cushions in her living room! I was the only one to spill, oops!
We had olives, Fig Newtons (figs), omeletts, chicken, roasted almonds, pickles, grapes, and Caesar Salad. 
I love seeing what our friends are doing and enjoying a great afternoon with friends.  

All the guests at the Triclinium
We learned some Roman games that Aiden, Ellie, and Cael made. I can't think of a better way to spend a Friday afternoon, eating with friends, learning about what they have been studying, and holding baby Gracie!
Plus, we took home one of their roosters with the hope that it will keep the rats from stealing our eggs!
Thank you Mrs. B, Aiden, Ellie, Cael and Gracie for The Roman Feast!

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Shawn said...

Well I am not the only one!! I was expecting lots and lots of amazing Caesar salad when we visited Rome. But I got: none! I'll leave it up to you to figure out why. Your feast sounds fun! We did the same with homeschool friends a few years ago. SOTW, right? Great to see you briefly the other day, and loved catching up on your blog. You have such a grateful spirit.