Tuesday, January 31, 2012


You can't hear the story, unless you can see it! 
Liberty is Miss Manners. She loves to help in the kitchen and even if I think I can quickly go in and get something done, she zeros in and is there in .03 milliseconds!
Every night she is the first one to say, "Thank you Mama for dinner."
Aaron and Liberty helped me make burritos. At dinner Libby said,"Thank you Mama for dinner, and Aaron. Thank you Myself!"
When we have beans I always serve rice as well to make a complete protein. Libby doesn't like rice in her burrito so she opts for it on the side. I offered her my fork to eat her rice with and when she took a bite she said, "Something smells funny in my mouth." I guess I left some Tabasco on the fork. Then she said,"I no love it."
I love how clearly she can communicate and her sweet little voice. She is growing up much too quickly but with impeccable manners.

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