Monday, May 13, 2013


My mother in law and sister in law came up to visit with my little nephew, Loden. 
 The bonus was that they got to see Mikaela while she was here! I love having company, especially family. I love how the children jump right in where they left off last time they saw each other. Ian is so tender toward Loden. He is helpful, kind and does a fabulous job making sure that he is happy.
 Ruby and Liberty are thrilled to have another boy in their dress up games. Loden found my Warrior Dash viking helmet. The best was that he wore the helmet with one horn coming out the front and the other straight out back! He has the sweetest little voice and so excited to play with his cousins.
 We all went out to the woods and Ian took the little ones out for a ride in the row boat. It was a fabulous day. You know one of those days when every time you turn around you realize how blessed you are. Walking across the hay field with Mt. Baker in all her glory, Having a 'real' conversation with my Mother in Law, Laughing with my Sister in Law, Planning with my Momm, Children playing creatively, obediently, and joyfully. Dinner in the Crockpot, Laundry done, and a clean house!
It's easy to count your blessings when things are blissful. I am trying to be intentional when life doesn't go my way, to be thankful for the process of refining me to a more joyful child of God.

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