Thursday, May 23, 2013

I've Been Had

 I usually have some Tic Tac's in my purse for children after church on Sundays. My children love them! 

Buttercups straight from the Cow Path
Liberty has been asking me every time we go into a store if she can buy a package of Tic Tacs. I always say that she has to buy them herself, but since she only has about 8 cents at any given time she sadly never has enough money. Recently she was down to only1 cent. I think she gets all her money from the ground and probably leaves about the same amount in various random places.
She came in the other day with a big bouquet of Buttercups. She said, "Mama! Look what I have for you! Can you please get a vase to put them in?"
Of course, I expressed all the appropriate enthusiasm for my Buttercup Bouquet and took out a beautiful leaded glass vase. Then, Liberty tells me, "You have to buy them for 49 cents, because I need 49 cents to buy a pack of Tick Tacs."
I bought the flowers. You have to admire her creativity.