Saturday, June 14, 2008

Birch Bay

Today we had Ian and Ruby's child dedication at church. I know that they are almost 2 and 4 but we always wanted to wait until everyone could be there. Well we picked Father's Day weekend and told everyone and went ahead with the formal ceremony of our commitment to raise our children to know Jesus.

After church, they had a hotdog dinner to celebrate Father's day and the children ate 27 hotdogs combined (gross I know). so needless to say they had some extra energy. We stopped at Birch bay to watch a beautiful sunset and let the kids play.

I was playing with different settings on my camera and liked the lighting and it makes me smile to see Erik's cowlick in the back.

Ruby was not looking at me so Sean called her and I got this beautiful picture of her.
Happy Dedication Day. We love you

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