Saturday, June 7, 2008


Ok so I know this is a very unflattering picture of me but, I put the dining room chairs on the table so that I could vacuum. Aaron then spotted a 'fort-like' place to do school. I was amazed how quickly we accomplished his lessons. Usually I have to point to each problem and bring his attention back to me (I must sound like the Charlie Brown teacher). But doing math and quizzing happened effortlessly and quickly under the table.

Meanwhile, notice the other dining room chair. Taylor, Erik and Ian were playing super memory. It is super because not every card has a match and some have 3 matches. I guess the game is several games combined over time. Notice how Erik does not just sit and play the game he must be bent in half in the chair and Ian is perfectly thrilled to have his four matches (he gets to play the game and take turns).

Taylor is still beating the pants off of everyone.

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Terry Brown said...


Actually it really isn't unflattering. You look very natural down there with your son. Well now you know how to get Aaron to do his school work. Guess you might find yourself down on the floor more often.
It's great Ian is so happy he has some matches and is learning to play and take turns. Erik just has to do things his own way, always has and probably always will. Gotta love him!!!