Sunday, June 1, 2008

They're Alive

It has been 5 weeks and our bees are still doing great! They have filled the bottom deep and we just added the upper deep. They have been building comb in places that they weren't supposed to, but I think we have that figured out now.

Taylor has been great helping me and until yesterday she had not gotten a single sting. I have been stung twice-OUCH. But yesterday she was trying to help the bees that were on the ground in front of the hive and got stung 3 times!! I told her she could use my bee gloves next time she wanted to pick up the girls.

My wonderful husband, Sean has repeatedly said that is is my hobby and I am the expert. I think he is really getting into it and is very concerned with them. He has even taken over making the syrup and removing the misplaced comb. He does it all in shorts and flip flops!! What a man.
He did check his shorts before he came in the house. The risk is that when bees land they like to go UP. I think it is a pretty risky thing being a man and wearing shorts around a hive.


Anissa said...

I really do love reading about your hive! I'm gonna have to incorporate beekeeping into my where's a publisher who loves bees?!? Hmmmm!

Terry Brown said...


When did you start raising bees? You never mentioned it to me all through MOPS. Sounds like it is going well for you. Sean looks so cute standing there dealing with the hive.