Saturday, June 7, 2008


This photo has nothing to do with my post but is typical of something Ruby might do.

I got a call on Wednesday

Phone Rings

I answer: hello

Person on Phone: hello is this carolynn?

Me: Yes

Person on Phone: this is ______ from Child Protective Services

Me: Ummmm OK

Person on Phone: I understand that you do respite care
Me: No

Person on Phone: Well I was given your name and we have a girl here who has nowhere else to go when can you take her?

Me: Ummmm I really can't, but I guess I will talk to my husband. I will call you back after I get back from the library.

Person on Phone: I am going to put you on speaker and you can talk to her mom, the case worker, and advocate.

Me: OK

We have a conversation about this girl the mom says I can take her the social worker says I can take her

Me: OK I will talk to my husband I will be back about 5

I talk to Sean on the way to the library he says, I guess so until they figure something out. The children and I go to a really lame magic show at the library and this girl wearing all black with black eyeliner and pierced lip walks up to me with a ripped garbage bag containing all of her belongings and says you must be Carolynn I'm _______.

Me: OK, Where's Erik

After 5 minutes of frantic searching I find Erik out in the parking lot standing on the back of the van. I go collect all the children (even the one who isn't mine) and take them home.

Oh by the way she's also vegetarian (which we are not) and I had made meatballs for dinner.

So, needless to say I had to wait until the next day to talk to Social worker and stuff. Have not heard from mom except to tell me all the 'rules' whatever. I am trying to figure out what to do with her and the social worker tells me to wait a few weeks!!! WHAT my daughter graduates on Monday, I have a birth sometime this week, an appointment in Seattle, Homeschooling, being pregnant, never mind I did not sign up for this and I am not a licenced foster care so we are not getting any compensation.

Monday hopefully we will get it all straightened out.


Terry Brown said...


Would you believe I wrote out a whole comment response and then find out I need to set up an account and by the time I did that my original response was gone and now I have to start over. Oh well.

If you are not registered for foster care, how are they able to leave a child with you? I thought that was not legal. Just what you need with everything else going on in your life. Hope everything turns out and gets better for you on Monday. Thank goodness Erik didn't wander any further than the van. Congradulations on Makayla's graduation. (sorry, I couldn't remember just how to spell her name.) What are yours or her plans from this point?


Alliwoo said...

Kendall would be freaking out! Glad to see your blog up and running!

Steph :o) said...

Hey, Beautiful! I'm hoping everything got worked out with your guest. I prayed that this young lady saw Jesus in your family, and that a seed has been planted in her heart. Hugs to you!

schmittfamily4 said...

So what happened?