Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I have the BEST friends.

I have wonderful friends!! All I had to do today for Aaron and Taylor's schooling was print out these pages from a unit study we are doing with Ben and Syndi.
Syndi called and said, "Just send them over at 11 and I will do it with them." Then Syndi called again and asked if they could stay for lunch and a few hours after just to play. It is no small feat feeding Aaron lunch which she graciously does several times a week.
It turns out that was not only a WONDERFUL break but very much needed. I have mastitis and thrush. Not to mention that because of the other above mentioned problems Liberty is not eating well and therefore decreasing my milk supply. UGH. I am exhausted and I ache all over.
My other dear friend Tami came out today and graded the last few days of lessons that I had not gotten to, held my fussy baby, cooked me dinner, made a birthday cake for her son, disciplined my children (when they needed it) and changed diapers. She also took all my children with her for an hour long drive to go to her house get me a breast pump and bring it back to me.
I am so lucky that God has blessed me with wonderful giving friends who take care of me.

Erik 'helped' me by sorting the papers I printed for Aaron and Taylor to take to Ben's today. He said that I printed 10,000 copies - I guess we will work more diligently on counting.

The PJ's that Erik is wearing were made by my mother in law for Ruby, but they were too big for her so Ian was going to get them. Since Ian already has footed PJ's Erik swiped them and is going to wear them until he cannot possibly squeeze into them anymore. If anyone knows where I can buy size 7 footed pajamas please let me know, I have searched far and wide for this desperate boy.

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