Tuesday, February 3, 2009

When the Cat's away...

Sean headed off to Portland today. He won't be back until late Thursday. 6 kiddos at home one is only 1 month old and I am 'alone' for 3 days. We went to MOPS today and it was great to catch up with some friends and hear inspiration from moms who have been there, done that.
We had a great day. Taylor bought some new Polly Pocket dolls with the $ she earned selling Christmas Wreaths. Aaron went for a hike with Ben, check it out on Syndi's Blog. Erik was thrilled to earn $1 for sweeping and mopping my kitchen and entryway floors. Taylor earned $5 for cleaning both bathrooms. I love to vacuum and got all the rest of the floors spic and span. Ahhh I love a clean house. We had another delicious meal from MOPS and after dinner we played a game and I headed them off to bed. I told the children I would read some of The Sugar Creek Gang to them and when I went into the living room to get the book I looked at the clock and it was only 6:40pm Hmmm I would have been a good idea to do a Pajama Ride but no, not without Sean. It is a little early for bed but I was not going to tell them that. I ended up reading the rest of the book and had lights out 2 hours later. What a fun story time and I still had time to do what I wanted and give my children what they wanted.

We are so lucky to have such a great babysitter. Caitlin even comes over just to see the kids. She stopped by today as we were all cleaning and she held the baby, did Erik's reading with him, kept Ian on task, reminded Taylor to be kind and loved on all the children. She is so responsible and helpful. What a true blessing to me and our family.

The kids and I cleaned house today. I really like my house clean and cannot stand the laundry piled all over the place especially when it is in baskets. I usually have the children lay it out on the foot stool as soon as it comes out of the dryer so it doesn't sit around in baskets and doesn't get as wrinkled. Alas, I did laundry (surprise) and I cut myself some slack. Since Sean is not home I wanted to indulge some guilty pleasures (see below) and I let the laundry pile up - there is always tomorrow.

Yes I finished off the Dryers Thin Mint ice cream. My friend told me there is a chocolate version of the Thin Mint. I must find that. I may have only gained 5 pounds during the pregnancy but am determined to double that in the first month post-partum. It is much harder for me to have discipline now because of all the yummy desserts and I don't have to watch it in order to have a smallish (HA) baby. I love reading blogs, surfing the web and checking up on Facebook. I am headed off to bed to read with the lights on (as long as I want, or can) then feed the baby in bed when she wakes up (again with the lights on and read my book) in the warmth of my bed. I am enjoying my time 'alone' today I'll let you know if I still like it by Thursday.
Ruby was very upset that Papa was not home to pray with her and play with her. It is so sweet to see the pure bliss she experiences with her papa. We all love him and wait for his safe return home.

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