Monday, February 2, 2009


it is 7:28am and I am sitting at the computer reading blogs, checking facebook and drinking coffee. It is really glorious. I am not a morning person but Liberty decided to get up at 6 and after nursing would not go back to bed I showered, made coffee, got the rice cooker ready to start with our oatmeal (love to recipe from Hillary's blog- I add grated apples to it and it tastes just like those packets of apple cinnamon oatmeal I remember as a kid)

It has been a while since I posted I guess I have some slack with a new baby and all. I just found out that we will not be going with Sean this week to a conference in Portland so we will really be on our own for 3 whole days. Funny how that works, I mean I have had meals delivered almost daily for the last month and we get our last one tonight! What a blessing it has been but now it's time to sink or swim. The children are really doing well but I am a little worried how Ruby is going to do without Papa around for 3 days, I guess it will be OK since she has Taylor to take care of her.

I am having a hard time with the nursing (strange that can happen with #7 but none of the others). I guess we will figure it out and all will be OK.

My mother in law was here for a week and it was wonderful!! The kids really enjoyed the fact that she did all of their chores for them, but I don't blame them she did all my chores for me and it was glorious. I only wish she lived closer so that we could see her more. She is such a selfless woman and gives me the freedom to be who I am and parent the way I see fit with out judging me. I hope that my son's wives will see me as a friend and I will be as helpful as she is to me.

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