Tuesday, February 24, 2009


This is what my house looked like today while we were trying to do some school work. Ruby was talking on her cell phone while her baby was in the front pack (hmmm, wonder who she is imitating)

Aaron had Erik jumping on his back during his math lesson.

You had to watch the Lego town while walking through the living room.

Ian was diligently working on a coloring badge for his Contenders of the Faith group.

Taylor was making math corrections while holding Libby.

Then Ben and Syndi came over to work on our American Revolution Unit Study. The children just seemed to have an abundance of energy today. Notice in the photo how hard Ian is working and concentrating and Erik's enthusiasm with the project. Guess which one is easier to homeschool?

I am so thankful for Syndi's planning and her patience. I love doing fun projects and the children really enjoy it, especially with Ben but I seem to lose steam halfway through the project whereas Syndi completes projects!! The children thanked her for a really fun day!

This photo was definitely not the best of the completed headdress' that they made as part of the Boston Tea Party Study but it so tells it like it is. Erik is definitely an individual (we tried to get him to add another feather so it did not look like bunny ears, but he liked it that way). Ben is in the middle of it all, Aaron is about to fall off the porch because he is so close to the edge, Ian is as happy as always, and Taylor has on her rendition of Indian attire, right down to the moccasins.
We had to make a trip to the doctor for Erik and he told the Doctor that he was playing with a really small snail. He said, "It was really, really, really small. It was tiny! It was as small as my mom's diamond." (Gee, Thanks.. My diamond is perfect, Thank you)

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You're suck a rockstar Carolyn! Hope to see you soon!