Monday, April 6, 2009

It's Just Not Fair

Last weekend Sean asked me,"When did Libby start rolling over?"
I replied,"She hasn't" "Yes, she does" He said. I put her down on her belly and sure enough she rolled over to her back!
I just is not fair that as a stay at home, home schooling, nursing, mother I miss these milestones. I have missed Aaron's first lost tooth, Ruby's first steps, and now Libby rolling over for the first time.

I did the girls hair in rag rolls for church and Taylor's turned out beautifully and Ruby's looked cute for a minute. Taylor then proceeded to wet hers down and put it in a pony tail. While Ruby admired herself in the mirror and shook her hair back and forth and said, "Thank you mama for making my hair pretty."
My brother has great curly hair and his daughter Sarah has the cutest curls ever. My sister in laws both have beautiful curly hair It just isn't fair that some people have beautiful curly hair and don't appreciate it like I would if I had it.

Ruby came out with her shirt over her head and the pig tails sticking out of the shirt. It cracked me up.

I was sorting through Ruby's shoes to pass the too small ones down to Sarah and realized how many shoes this girl has. She loves shoes and regularly wears all of them, sometimes more than one pair at a time. Most of her shoes are hand me downs or consignment store finds, it just isn't fair that she can have so many cute shoes at a fraction of the cost of my shoes.

We do meal exchanges with 2 other families and my dear friend Jess made us Shepard's Pie but she knew that Erik does not like potatoes at all, so she made a special piece just for him with tater tots. To all of you out there, it just is not fair that you don't have a friend as great as mine!

Ruby is very persistent and LOVES to help anyone do anything. From Sean fixing the alternator to Ian taking out and sorting laundry to Mama cooking and Taylor pulling weeds or cleaning the bathroom and Erik unloading the dishwasher. It just isn't fair that all the children don't help with such a happy and willing spirit.

We got home from the consignment store and I was taking tags off of the clothes to wash them. Ruby said, "Who bought me that shirt?"
I said,"I did"
Ruby replied, "Mama, you are a good boughter!"
It just isn't fair that that girl is so darn cute!
I know I always tell my children that life isn't fair and the sooner you learn that the better off you will be.

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