Thursday, April 30, 2009

An Answer to Prayer

This young man is an answer to prayer, he is polite, funny, gentle, helpful, lives close by, responsible, respectful, and a friend to my children.

I am so glad that we met him when we did. I was beginning to be very discouraged with where we were living and not being able to make the lifestyle changes that we want to make and because of him I am able to be more content. Thanks Ben!

This is what Erik, Ian and I did while Syndi was teaching my older children and Ruby and Libby were napping. Talk about a fantastic day!! I have been praying for help to either play with the little ones while I teach or to teach the older ones while I play.

Syndi is a Christian and a former preschool teacher, a black belt in karate (it might be tae kwon do), a home schooler, and a great friend. Here is proof that God answers prayers.

I absolutely love 7 year olds with no front teeth. While we were in Yakima he lost 2 teeth (one of them was punched out by a nameless friend). Erik refused to put both teeth under his pillow the same night because he wanted to make sure that he got money for both teeth.

Another episode in my life. Ian was in such a hurry to get outside to play that he forgot the screen door was closed and ran right through it! He completely knocked the door off of it's tracks. Erik's hermit crab went missing (how does a hermit crab escape out of an aquarium?) We were afraid to tell him because of his frog fatalities so I said nothing. He just assumed that the crab was hiding under the coconut shell for a week. Taylor then discovered the hermit crab in the hallway. Now tell me, what was he eating? where was he pooping? and How come he is still alive? It might explain why he keeps falling off the coconut shell. Anyway Erik has found another frog to live in our bathroom and accidentally dropped a cup full of potato bugs (rolley pollies) when he was trying to feed the frog. I think it is gross to go into a bathroom with potato bugs crawling around.

Then, I asked Erik to toast my bagel when he was making lunch and this is how he managed to do it, you know the saying, "a watched pot never boils" Well, "A watched toaster never toasts" He kept popping the bagel up over and over and over and over to see if it toasted then he assumed that since it had been in there so long it must be toasted.

AAAAHHH, the Joys of Mothering. I love my job.

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Ben said...

Thank you! we feel the same way!

from Ben.