Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Museum of Flight, Recovery, and Bunk Bed Questions Answered

You might be wondering where I went.Well last week we went to the Museum of Flight with Syndi and Ben. We took 2 of Rene's children with us. Then we worked on our American Revolution unit study with Syndi and Ben. Then we spent the day running errands and trying to catch up, which is not working very well. We did not leave enough time to go home before the boy's went to Men's night so Sean dropped me and the girls' off at our friends house to hang out while they went to the program. It sounded very cool. They got to eat as many hot dogs as they wanted, and see lots of guy stuff and hear a really cool speaker that was a WWII Veteran. I am pretty sure it is the same Vet that we saw a display of and read about earlier in the week at the Museum of Flight. I love it when learning comes together.
After getting home at 10:30pm on Friday night, I got everything together for Family photos on Saturday morning. Renee took the photos and did a great job! She even go Sean to smile. We ran more errands then Sean had to take the van apart and get a new alternator. I am so glad that he is a smart man that can figure these things out. I hate to spend money that we don't need to spend and would much rather find something at Goodwill than buy it new, so it would really bother me to have to depend on a mechanic all the time. He says that vehicles intimidate him but he still can diagnose the problem and find the alternator, remove it, buy the correct one and install it. I am impressed and grateful. He even let Ruby help him.
When I was single I had a car I called the Faith Mobile. It was a Datsun circa. 1972. When ever it quit running (which it did quite often) I would open the hood, pray, then remove a part (I don't know what parts I removed) Then it would start, so I threw the part away. That is my mechanical abilities.

So you can see just check my friend's blogs and see what we have been up to.
Sean added a ladder on the end of the bunk bed but Erik still likes to get in his bed Dukes of Hazzard style. In response to comments on the blog, our ceilings are normal height and there is still plenty of room for the boys. I, on the other hand would probably get a little claustrophobic but they like the submarine feel! You do what you can when you live in a small space. He also said that he would build them for someone if they wanted/needed it but the lumber and hardware are a bit spendy.
I have more photos to upload of our busy week but have not had time to do that yet. We have Scouts tomorrow and friends from out of town visiting and American Revolution catch up day, and....... another busy week.
Praise God for the beautiful sunshine and spring!


Rebecca M said...

Wow, you guys have been on the run! We are doing some catch-up too at our house today...
Thanks for the details on the bunkbed- my husband took a look at the picture in the previous post, was impressed, and tried to figure out how it was made, what kind of lumber was used. Neat project!

Carolynn said...

We bought the plans online at the plans were cheap! Hope it works for you.

zane said...

I recently came across a couple of colorful designs on more bunk bed and kids bedroom furniture.