Thursday, April 16, 2009

Just another day

My sweet little Libby can sleep through almost anything, as long as she is in the middle of it. This picture was taken as we were practicing our math facts playing bean bag hurl (it is not a toss if Erik is involved) inches away from her. If I lay her down in the other room she instantly wakes up. She sleeps amazing at night but has a few issues during the day. I thought of Renee as I took this picture because I used the natural light available.

The bean bags kept the little ones occupied for a very long time while we accomplished a lot of 'ketchup' school. I call it a catch-up day but the children prefer the term ketchup.

I, on the other hand was extremely clumsy today, here is my whole pan of unbaked blueberry hill muffins upside down on my kitchen floor, I dropped a pair of kitchen shears point down on my big toe, and I burned my arm on the oven. My thumb is still numb but the swelling is on on my bee sting hand. What in the world is going on with me??

My friend Cara and I went to get pedicures tonight at a local place that is having a half price special. When we walked in Cara was talking with some women who were waiting and she told them how excited she was and that between the two of us we had 12 children. We then learned that they were not taking any more people for the night because they were too busy. We were so bummed since it is no easy feat (ha ha) to get out of the house. These 2 wonderful strangers then blessed us immensely by giving us their appointment slots. I was so thrilled and really enjoyed the pedicure except when he touched my bruised big toe!

I continually struggle with what to do with the younger children while I am doing assignments with the older ones, today while playing bean bags Erik chucked the bean bag so hard that it split open. I gave him a needle and thread and he was busy for a long time repairing the broken bean bag. Ian and Ruby took all the thread and lined them up an sorted by color. Yet another amazing activity.
We played a Monopoly length game of The Titanic with Ben and Syndi. It was really fun and educational but not fast enough for Erik and Ian's attention span. We decided to continue a different day.

Ruby can always be counted on to put the cats out whenever they manage to get in the house. It just makes me laugh that the cat is almost as big as she is and doesn't seem to mind being thrown out by a 2 year old.

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