Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Day at Home

We spent the day on Saturday catching up and cleaning up. Boys will be boys!! We had some rope to get rid of, rather than just throw it in the garbage the boys burned it up with a blow torch! I guess you can't tell your children not to play with fire when their dad is doing it with them. I was tired of the laundry basket with no handles so I asked Aaron to throw it away. Again, a simple task in my mind but in the mind of an 8 year old you must destroy it! Aaron used a hack saw, Erik used his leather man, they also used some other cutters (sorry Sean I don't know the name) to annihilate the laundry basket before putting it in the garbage can. Notice Ruby in the back, any time a camera is in use she thinks we are taking pictures of her.
Ruby is a great 'helper' she is a very hard worker. She does not let me slack at all. We have an abundance of dead birds and mice around here (our cat is a great hunter) and I really don't like cleaning them up. She insisted that I get the bag to throw the dead bird away when I did not stop what I was doing immediately she went and got the bag and was going to pick up the bird. I of course, then went to get the bird so she didn't touch it.

Ruby also did not like that her blanket, named Two, was dirty so she took the clean clothes out of the washer and put her blanket in the wash. She had asked me to put it in but I was not fast enough. I guess #6 learns to take care of things herself.

Sean and I came to a compromise with the lawn mowing. I like it mowed more often than he does and he does not want the boys using a gas mower. We pulled out our old push mower and everyone took turns mowing the whole yard! They were hot, sweaty and tired, but did good hard work, and mama was happy =) Granted, papa wasn't thrilled with the lack of any pattern on the lawn but the work was done.

We got our carpets cleaned, and took everything out of the living room and dining room and hall and boys room (except the beds) I loved the space!!! I felt so much better knowing all the junk was out of the carpet and hopefully they will stay clean for a little bit. Ian loved sitting on the couch in the kitchen and reading a book. I had to tell the realtor that wanted to show our house today that it just wasn't possible. Hopefully he will call again. We have had 3 showings and an open house this next weekend. Maybe now is the time to try and find somewhere for us to move.

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