Monday, September 8, 2008

Science and PE when you homeschool

We spent the morning inside 'doing school' by afternoon despite the fact that Ruby desperately needed a nap we called Ben and Syndi to go for a walk. Syndi wanted to spend the day inside in her sweats cleaning but I persuaded her to please come with us!! I love sunny September days when fall is almost here but summer is still hanging on. I especially gloat over the fact that we get to enjoy these days while everyone else is in school. We pretty much have parks, museums, you name it to ourselves.
I love Semiahmoo! We went for a walk along the path but since we were just getting over whatever it is that has been going around our family the children were wiped out after not a very long scooter ride. That is how we ended up at the beach. My children are always up for a trip to the beach however, I think this is a first since not one of them ended up soaked and needing extra clothes.

Look at the size of this jelly fish! I love the red color and Nemo is true that if you touch the top you don't get stung. I guess I would preface this with, we have never been stung and touched the tops of many jelly fish but don't quote me saying, "no jelly fish." I don't want to get sued.

Syndi is so pleasant to be around. she never seems irritated with my brood of young ones and is endlessly patient with them. Today Ruby and Ian were especially enamored with her and they spent lots of time exploring and I just breathed in the fresh salty air and felt the warm sun on my face. Ahhh I love the Northwest.

Taylor found 2 snakes but one got away. ever the explored and adventuresome girl. It was Erik that got nervous when the snake curled up and he dropped it. As often as not Taylor will be in a fancy dress, up a tree, catching frogs, cleaning up dead animals out of the yard, or taking care of her siblings. I love how she is growing up and not afraid to be herself. I continue to pray for a nice girl her age that lives close by for her to be friends with.

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Tammy (Mom to this crazy bunch) said...

it looks like you not only had a great afternoon, but an educational one as well. Oh the joys of homeschooling!