Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What's in your brown sugar?

This morning I went to refill our brown sugar container and look what I found! Of course nobody knew anything about it but I thought it was cute none the less. After refilling the container I noticed Ruby licking the measuring cup I had used. I guess we all like sweets. Last week we were at the chiropractor and I decided to try out his massage chair. Because I was busy trying to pamper myself in a waiting room with a 4 year old in a cast, a 2 year old climbing furniture and a 8 and 10 year old playing I did not go into the exam room with Erik (6). Later, our chiropractor chuckled when he recounted the Erik stories. Erik has had a few headaches lately and told the doctor about them. The doctor asked, "do you think they are a result of the auto accident you had last December?" Erik quickly replied, "No, I think they are because I have so many brothers and sisters."
During this same visit Erik asked the doctor if he was old, like a grandpa. The chiropractor answered, "I am not really old, but I am a grandpa I am 61" Erik answered, "wow you are old!" and asked some questions about the grandchild. I am not sure the exact conversation but as it was related to me Erik said he was never going to live that long and have grand kids because he was going to DIE! He said he was going to die because everywhere we go (Target, Costco, etc.,) people outside the stores smoke and they were turning his lungs black so he was going to die.
That boy has more stress than any other 6 year old I know. every time we get in the van to go somewhere he checks out the gas gage and wonders about our use of gas and if we are going to run out (we never have). Philippians 4:13 says be anxious for nothing but in everything with prayer and petition with thanksgiving present your requests to God.... I guess that is the next verse he needs to memorize

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Syndi said...

You mean you didn't line them up and see whose hand fit? Did Ruby have a twinkle in her eye? :]