Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Not Back to School --- Yet!

Ian loves to dress up, not matter the occasion. He is either in part of his Woody costume, or in a button up shirt and blazer. He wore the full Woody costume to our 'not back to school picnic'. Several homeschool families celebrated the start of school (public school) with turning in our declaration of intent forms then off to the church to have lunch and play games. We originally were going to the beach, but alas the weather did not cooperate.
Ian and Callie enjoyed games with Mrs. Vogee. The food was wonderful and fellowship was great!
The hat Taylor is wearing came from Mrs. Simpson (know as Mississippi) in our house. It can be seen on any of my children's heads on any given day. We definately will be doing game days more. especially on those cold rainy yukky Northwest days.

We will start our official school in a couple of weeks after Aaron gets back from California and I get my act together. We also have to finish the dreadful testing for last year - UGH>

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