Wednesday, September 17, 2008


This morning we read books, colored pictures, did some school, made french toast, cleaned up, gave Ian a bath, and left for a chiropractor appointment and to go get Ian's cast on. The chiropractor went great and he even carried Ian out to the van for me! Guess he did not want me to ruin my adjustment that quickly.
Sean met us at the Orthopedic Doctor's office just in case the casting was going to be difficult. The nurses were the nicest bunch of ladies ever. They were so patient and friendly and helpful. I was told that I was going to have to carry Ian for the next 6 weeks because they don't give 4 year olds crutches. 2 days of carrying him has about killed my back and is really difficult, not to mention lifting a big wagon into the van is not so easy either. One of the nurses spent a long time on the phone and found a a cheap wheel chair in Ian's size!!

When they asked him if he had been thinking about what color he wanted. He very cheerfully replied, "Yes, green". On the way out of the office Ruby who has gone 2 days with no nap was very tired and she fell down and whacked her wrist on the counter/floor. I am not sure what but she cried very hard and I attributed it to fatigue. After 2 hours she was still holding it saying it hurt and not using it (not even to rub in hand sanitizer) so I called at 4:45pm to both our primary care doctor and the Ortho Dr. and the Ortho Dr. told us to come right in since it happened there and they had all our info available. I understand it is not protocol but thank you so very much for allowing me to skip another 6 hour ER visit. Fortunately after taking X Rays they determined that it is not fractured, they were very surprised about that but said it is either sprained or really badly bruised. Ruby did not like holding still for the X Ray but when they said that they were going to take her picture I heard her say Cheese!

We finally went and picked up Ian's wheel chair and got home to start dinner at 6:30pm. Ruby iced her wrist while I cooked - Gourmet Chicken, Rice and Green Beans) and Ian got used to his new set of wheels. Erik is eyeing those and wondering how fast they can go--- Please no more breaks or sprains this week.

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