Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Craft Fair

Sean so graciously let me go to the Gift of Time which meant that he spent the day with Taylor, Aaron and Erik at the Craft Fair. The Barkers watched Ian and Ruby for us-- What a Blessing. We sold paper mache letters, snowman soup (hot cocoa mix), wooden swords,and wooden block snowmen. We shared a table with the Simpsons and they sold apple butter and chalk board place mats. Everything was very cute and the children were satisfied with their sales. We would have liked them to sell out but that is ok.
I went on Friday night to set up and another little boy said to me, "looks like you are going to have a baby soon."
I replied, "yes"
To which he responded," yeah, my cow is about to calf soon too."
I just had to laugh at the association going on in his mind.

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